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Carburettor Services had done a great job on the carbs, and bead blasting the castings made them like new. This will retain shock travel if I want to run a low ride height.

Three very sorry looking carbs off to the specialist.

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This is a Tokyo Autosalon showcar, a highly desirable and gorgeous classic with the right look and all the good hardware. Started with the 3 centre gauges and found it was going to be easier than I thought because Nissan handily supply screws for tapping into each line.

This was usually one of the highlights of the year. The car still needs a lot of work before I can really enjoy it and I think the excitement will come later when the car is in a more refined, finished state.

But when you look at the detail, it is simply not of a standard that would satisfy most car guys in the west. It's not even like they just missed auth or didn't check, it's actually not implemented.

There are always local idiosyncrasies to be considered particularly in the auto industrybut there appears to be very little reuse across Canada and Norway in terms of how the API is implemented. Again, I took a chance on the Z part number, but it was quite different even though the twin piston calipers and rear drums are the same as Z.

It was funny to drive the car again. My favourite white T-shirt was soaked in blood. Dr Palipana tells his story in his own words. Sydney saw a surge in industrial development to meet the needs of a war economy, and also the elimination of unemployment.

I then set about removing the dash from the car and copying the hole on the mockup dash across to the proper one.

A discussion on nissan australia

You might recall that, in the last and only. We now have reverse lights, indicators and a working fuel gauge. I wouldn't have really minded if they said that I would not be getting a job in Queensland at the first instance. A new Boss Mustang as a more realistic choice.

I have some parts coming from Japan however that should address this issue so watch this space. The shocks are KYB adjustables, but the adjuster dial is stuck, so the shocks are possibly due for replacement. With any luck the car will be firing again in a couple of days. After only 10mins of idling there was a few tablespoons of fuel spilt, so this is not a trivial leak.

Eventually there was a third move to the venue where the club met for some years, the Theaterette of the Camberwell Civic Centre. Who knows, maybe LJ Garcia's show-winning Civic will be super desirable. When a carbed outboard motor of any brand is stored more than a week without emptying the carb, you can expect varnishing residue from the fuel.

I then went to my garage where I just happen to have a spare R33 dash to see what sort of cutting will be required.

That is all lines tapped into now except for the 3 ECU wires I have to tap into. The floor underneath had been rust treated and repainted too. The sump is only 7cm off the ground, and given the poor driving characteristics of the current setup, this is a problem that I am looking forward to fixing.

For example, there was a wired tapped into a brake light wire, and it was neatly cable tied around the boot as it went into the rear parcel tray. Its not too far off at the sides, the back is perfect.

Those RSs will be the ones to go for in the future, anything with limited production numbers. The answer was quickly found at the steering wheel end. There was a lot of patched up wiring much of which was just twisted and taped and had since come apart.

The other good news is I went back to the engo and…. The spring pans will be cut off, threaded sleeves welded in, and racing springs installed on adjustable perches.

When that happens, you have 6mm of freeplay inside the mechanism, and so the first half of the brake pedal travel does nothing except bridge this new gap. The carbs had been sent off for refurbishing, but the setup that the car came with left something to be desired apart from the fact that the carbs were leaking fuel!.

Nissan in Australia. We opened our Australian headquarters inwhere we manufactured cars for the next 20 years. Our Dandenong South Casting Plant in Victoria recently won a series of exclusive manufacturing contracts with Nissan Japan to produce castings for the new Nissan LEAF, the first mass-market zero tailpipe emission all-electric car.

Sep 18,  · Nissan Forum: Join our Nissan Altima Forums for free today to discuss Nissan, Altima, Sentra, Maxima, Skyline, Frontier, Skyline GTR, SX, sx, z, zx.

The MyNissanLeaf forum was the first, and is now the only, forum for the Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle.

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The Nissan Sentra SE-R It made Car and Driver's top 10 all 4 years. It is one of those cars that is more than the sum of its parts. Jul 13,  · Car Industry Kia Australia is recalling all its Sunset Yellow Stingers.

The color is relatively rare here, but the paint is failing prematurely on Australian models thanks to bad paint prep at the.

A discussion on nissan australia
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