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Or you can add anything else that you might think is relevant, like additional major procedural steps you will take. An experiment is exactly that: Data-taking Always write in pen.

Placing a name on this list at the time of submission means that each person on the list: Instead of the students following the "recipe", have them develop their own materials list, procedure, and data tables. Has participated equally in the lab write-up.

The outline is a guide to help you include the necessary information. Therefore, tell me what the data is and how it was collected. Martin and Brown studied mating behavior of newts and came to the same conclusion as Smith did. Give a detailed description of how you were able to determine the above.

The meaning of laboratory work: The outline is a guide to help you include the necessary information. If so, what happens to the momentum when a car stops at a stop light.

Lab Reports for Biology

The conclusion will either support or reject the proposed hypothesis. During this lab I learned about how momentum can be used as one measure of motion. Professional Help We have been working with this kind of document for years, so we know all details and requirements that make a personal statement outstanding.


The Laboratory Write-Up Groups - For laboratories and projects, you participate in groups of 3 or 4 students. To not give proper citation and reference for information not your own is Plagiarism and constitutes academic dishonesty. Please DO NOT simply copy the entire procedure or majority of the procedure and make it looks like a flowchart.

Lab Report Rubric

This is your chance to organize it into a more readable form now that you are done with the experiment and impress the TA with your organizational skills. Always remember to reference where the experimental procedures are coming from in the pre-lab report.

Chemistry Lab Resources (for CHM 1XX and 2XX Labs): Home

Alphabetize the references using the last name of the first author. So should anyone else reading your notebook, for that matter. Acknowledgments note the correct spelling of the word DO NOT thank your professor or the stockroom for doing their jobs, your lab partner for being your partner, or your roommate for putting up with you and letting you use their computer.

Sample Formal Lab Write-up Your name Title: Decomposition of potassium chlorate (KClO 3) Purpose: This lab will demonstrate the decomposition (breakdown) of KClO 3 into KCl solid and O 2 gas when heated.

The oxygen will be released into the atmosphere and the remaining KCl. LABORATORY 1 WRITEUP - PHYSICS / Prof.


Student Evaluation of Lab Write-Up

S. Durkin July 5, DISCLAIMER: There are many ways to write up a lab report, none of them superior to any other. ably find it helpful to read over the entire chapter the first time you are asked to write a lab-report section (to get some sense of how the pieces of a lab report fit together).

At the end of the semes-ter, when you will write a full report, you should go back and read the entire chapter again. Scientific Reports What this handout is about.

This handout provides a general guide to writing reports about scientific research you’ve performed. In addition to describing the conventional rules about the format and content of a lab report, we’ll also attempt to convey why these rules exist, so you’ll get a clearer, more dependable idea.

I. Title of Experiment You will decide the title for each lab. Your title needs to describe what the lab was about. II. Procedure III Data.

Here you can find tips about organizing your lab notebook, how to effectively create graphs and table for lab reports, places to locate protocols and property information, and how to properly cite resources.

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Writing a Lab Report