Super bowl projections

We have been doing Super Bowl Predictions regularly since literally the day after the last Super Bowl. Seventeen weeks of the regular season, which followed four painfully useless weeks of the preseason, and were followed by three pretty strong weeks of playoff action.

Super Bowl LII: Expert picks and predictions

My head says the Patriots will win on some all-too-familiar combination of tremendous luck, questionable officiating, and their opponents self-destructing due to injuries and poor decision-making.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are going for their astonishing sixth championship together, which would tie the all-time team record held by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

More important, the Eagles offense, Nick Foles and all, can handle the hard work of keeping Brady off the field, exploiting the Patriots' defense, holding and maintaining a lead, and keeping a foot on the Patriots' throats.

That means the division games will be entertaining, especially in the fourth quarter. Now we get to watch the Eagles and the Patriots face off.

5 bold Super Bowl LI predictions

We saw this already against Jacksonville when they were down two touchdowns late yet everyone around - including the Jaguars - knew that is was all but a formality that they were going to win.

Click Here for a full game preview with analysis and expert betting picks. But, we are talking Tom Terrific here who threw only eight interceptions in attempts during the regular year. New Orleans Saints 2. If he can get open, the Eagles will have a tough time limiting him. But I wrote about eight other teams, and not surprisingly the Eagles - coming off a season with a QB who was then a question mark - weren't one of them.

A number of teams have a chance to emerge in the NFC. Also, get three handicappers for the price of one when you sign up for a full-season football package.

Boldly, we are predicting that she colors her hair green to represent her Philadelphia roots. The gap between backup and starter isn't always so small.

Would they still win the AFC East. Click Here for details. This is a well-rounded team that should not be underestimated even facing a five-time Super Bowl champion quarterback. New England View in Looker When the best teams from each conference meet with the Lombardi Trophy on the line, you can typically expect a close game.

Predicting the games of the year A season ago the Patriots and Steelers squared off in what many presumed would be a precursor to a playoff showdown between the two teams. It's been 10 months.

He has not at all been consistent since taking over as starter, though, and now he is in a tough spot. But, the Patriots still allowed only 34 total points in their first two playoff games. I expect them to aggressively force this game onto Foles' arm.

Since this game is being played in a dome at U. How much better are the Colts with Andrew Luck than without him.

If Foles can get hot quickly he should be nearly unstoppable. If they win then I will lose. But while many teams have a chance to reach the playoffs, only a few standout as legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Not falling into that trap. Buffalo Bills 4. But it feels to me like there has been a difference in intensity leading up to this game from the two squads.

From the coaching staff to the team leadership to the last player on the bench, we can be sure they will be ready because they have proven that they can be. The Giants are probably the best team in a mediocre NFC East, and the Redskins could take a step back after finishing in first place.

I really like where the team is at, and they are my top pick without hesitation. Or in Week 5. The difference between him and Jacoby Brissett hovers around 11 percentage points per game. I am a big believer that coaches win championships in this league, so I really have no choice in this circumstance than to go with the coach who so massively outclasses his counterpart at this point in their careers that it is almost funny.

Super Bowl odds When it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles, their odds have actually become slightly more favorable since the last time we took a look at them.

Back in March, the Eagles had the. NFL predictions for Final standings, playoff projections, Super Bowl pick. Ahead of the NFL season, Sporting News has picked a winner for every single game — all of them.

Watch video · As the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles prepare to collide in Super Bowl LII,'s writers, editors, analysts, columnists and pundits make their predictions for the big game.

2018 Super Bowl Expert Betting Predictions

Grant Gordon: "The Super Bowl is the Super Bowl. It puts butts in seats in front of TVs. It puts butts in seats in front of TVs. Still there seems to be less anticipation for this one than any in. The picks and guesses for the College Football Playoff & bowl projections.

WhatIfSports Super Bowl LI prediction: Patriots capture fifth Lombardi Trophy

– College Football Conference Bowl Tie-Ins – Contact/Follow @ColFootballNews. Feb 04,  · Diehard Patriots fan John King previews the Super Bowl with CNN's Andy Scholes and polls the Inside Politics panel on their picks to win.

Super bowl projections
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Super Bowl Expert Betting Predictions